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Class Association and Yacht Race Management

Why should we pay someone to manage our organization?
We have volunteers that do all the work!

Unfortunately, your organization is not the average volunteer's first priority. Volunteers start with the best of intentions, but often, other priorities take precedence. Volunteers get burned out. The result? The newsletter is late. The web site isn’t updated. Bank deposits and vendor payments aren’t made promptly. Financial reports aren’t done. The organization suffers. Prospective new members are turned off by a stale web site and poor customer service. You lose membership. It’s difficult to replace a volunteer without bruised egos and hurt feelings. Its a vicious cycle.

We can help you break that cycle. One-design management is our business. Your organization’s well-being is our top priority. We are business people first, racing sailors second and we only work for sailors and the betterment of the sport.

It’s who we are; it’s all we do.

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