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Products for Sailing Race Management

Please contact Matt Bounds to order.
All prices include 6% Michigan sales tax, but do not include shipping.

Competitor Information Boards - most boards are $50

NEW FOR 2022! Solid color frames! No more chipped paint!

All boards feature:
Rigid PVC frame - will not bend • Highest visibility yellow on black • Segments flip over to display black or yellow • Large size - 18" x 24" and 15" x 24" • Lightweight - they float! • Durable all-PVC construction • All boards include two Velcro straps for hanging or chaining together • Custom configurations available

4-Digit Info Board4-Digit World Sailing Course Board ($70)

Four, multi-segment numerals can display all the standard World Sailing courses used at Olympics, Sailing World Cups and other world championships. A 3-digit version is available too ($60) Board is 15"x32" (385 x 813 mm).

3-Digit Info Board3-Digit Course Direction Board

Three, 7-segment numerals indicate the compass heading of the first mark (displayed from the signal boat) or the change mark (displayed from a mark boat). Board is 15"x24" (385 x 610 mm).

2-Digit Course Distance2-Digit Course Distance Board

Two, 7-segment numerals indicate the distance to the first mark (displayed from the signal boat). Units can be NM (nautical miles), SM (statute miles) or KM (kilometers). Board is 15"x24" (385 x 610 mm).

7-Segment Board7-Segment Course Number Board

Used to signal which course should be sailed by the competitors (referencing back to the sailing instructions). Classic "digital 8" may be chained together to make an extra-large compass bearing display. Board is 24"x18" (610 x 460 mm).

10-Segment Board10-Segment Course Alphanumeric Board ($60)

Used to signal which course should be sailed by the competitors (referencing back to the sailing instructions) when you need more than just numbers. This board is capable of displaying the letters A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, L, O, P, S, T, U, W, Y and Z. Board is 24"x18" (610 x 460 mm).

A 14-segment board capable of displaying all letters and number is available for $80.

Charlie BoardsCharlie Board

Used to signal a course change ("Charlie"), in addition to the + or - configurations, this board features removable red square / green triangle icons that attach with Velcro.  Unused icons may be stored on the reverse side of the board. (Photo shows two boards in different configurations.)  Each board is 15"x24" (385 x 610 mm).

Protest Models

Protest Models•  Models are approximately 4" (100 mm) long.
•  ALL classes available - from Optis to keelboats
•  Magnetic backing for use on white boards
•  Adjustable "sail" to indicate point of sail and port / starboard tack
•  Full kit (16 models, 4 each color), marks & support boats incl. carrying case
$5 each / $100 full kit

Mark-Laying Computer

Mark-Laying Computer•  Brotherhood of International Mark Boat Operators (BIMBO) approved!
•  Turn inner dial to align with wind / course axis
•  Quickly calculate course reciprocals and +/- 90°
•  Waterproof plastic with lanyard
•  Interchangeable center dial for different courses
•  Comes with 2 inner dials; additional are $5 each

$15 each